Jason Momoa felt “cheated” by Khal Drogo’s death in ‘Game of Thrones’

The actor is set for new role in Apple TV+ show 'See'

Game of Thrones actor Jason Momoa has revealed that he felt “cheated” by the death of his character Khal Drogo in the show.

Drogo met his death in the finale of the very first series of the show.

Talking about his new show, See, which arrives on the new Apple TV+ today (November 1), Momoa says he’s relishing the opportunity to have a continued storyline, and reflected on his character’s early death in Game of Thrones.


“I’ve always wanted to do this,” he said of the new role. “I’ve always felt like I’ve been cheated in a lot of the things I’ve done.”

Jason Momoa of Aquaman
Jason Momoa

Momoa continued: “You try to show a little bit of colour in there, you know, with Conan but no one wants to see Conan crying and with Drogo he died before any of that stuff could happen. In Frontier all his family were killed and it was about the revenge of it all. In this it’s just beautiful because you see the whole arc of it all.”

Last week, Game Of Thrones‘ showrunners revealed unorthodox way they cast Jason Momoa as Khal Drogo for the series.

“It was really hard to find a good Khal Drogo,” David Benioff told the crowd at the Austin Film Festival. “We had all these auditions and no one was quite right. And then we’re looking at some website that had “Fan Casting of Game of Thrones”.

“A lot of it was kinda knuckle-headed, but some of it was really smart. And there was one person, or maybe a few people, who said, ‘Oh, it should be this guy Jason Momoa’.”


It was revealed this week that a new Game of Thrones prequel called House Of The Dragon is in production at HBO.

The news came only hours after another planned spin-off was cancelled.