‘Jay And Silent Bob’ star Jason Mewes talks new horror comedy

'Todd And The Book Of Pure Evil' starts in the UK tonight

Jay And Silent Bob star Jason Mewes returns to UK screens tonight in a new horror sitcom he describes as “90210 meets Tales From The Crypt.”

Mewes played foul-mouthed stoner Jay in director Kevin Smith‘s first run of movies including Clerks, Chasing Amy and Dogma. Now he is indulging in genre TV as Jimmy The Janitor in Todd And The Book Of Of Pure Evil.

Talking to NME about the Canadian-produced series, Mewes explained: “It’s about a book that feeds on the insecurities of high school kids, it grants wishes in a sense but there’s always consequences. Each episode something crazy happens.


“One of the kids feels he’s too stupid and he wants to be the smartest kid in school, but he doesn’t really specify so the book grants that wish, but instead of increasing his IQ it keeps him the same make makes everybody even more dumb than him, almost neanderthal.”

Mewes plays the mentor to metalhead hero Todd, explaining: “Even with Jimmy’s character there’s hints throughout the season that I’m something more than a janitor that works at the school. There’s a lot of cool special effects, monsters, creatures a musical episode an a a video game episode. It’s pretty awesome because it’s a lot of fun. I guess people could get grossed out by it.”

Mewes has returned to acting after years battling heroin addiction, and recently toured the UK with Smith in live show Jay And Silent Bob Get Old. He explained: “When I’m onstage I don’t have to think as much about what I’m saying. When I was younger, if I was in a roomful of people I didn’t know and I’d talk about a pimple on my testicles and not have to wonder if it’s gonna offend anyone.

“These days I’ll try to be aware of who I’m around. But onstage I’m assuming they expect that because that’s what the show’s about; everything from the drug addiction over eight years, and stuff with sex, and my wife, and Kevin. So I don’t worry about what I say when I’m onstage.”

Todd And The Book Of Pure Evil starts tonight on Syfy at 10pm, then every Tuesday.