Jenna-Louise Coleman doesn’t know the name of her ‘Doctor Who’ character

New companion actress reveals true extent of show secrecy

Incoming Doctor Who star Jenna-Louise Coleman has revealed that she does not yet even know the name of her character.

The actress was announced last week as replacing Karen Gillan as the sci-fi show’s female lead, after two years playing Amy Pond. But showrunner Steven Moffat did not divulge any further details of the character.

Now, Coleman has revealed that even she is in the dark. She told Radio Times: “I have an idea of the story, of the character and of a few surprises. But I don’t know her name or where she’s from. I just told Steven [Moffat] and [executive producer] Caroline Skinner, “Don’t tell me anything until I need to know it.”

Of the audition process for the role, Coleman recalled: “Normally you’re just reading in front of a camera, but with this, it was so physical. We were using props and running around so it felt like playing – and like a partnership straight away.”

To keep the audition process secret, Coleman revealed last week that she had been reading for a show dubbed ‘Man On Waves’ – an anagram of ‘Woman Seven’. Gillan before her was sent to auditions for ‘Panic Moon’, being an adaptation of ‘Companion’.

Gillan and screen husband Arthur Darvill will depart the show in the fifth episode of the forthcoming seventh series, in an adventure filmed in New York and featuring the return of the Weeping Angels. Coleman will then make her debut at Christmas.

Watch the teaser for series seven below.