Jennifer Aniston and Reese Witherspoon stage ‘Friends’ reunion

The Greens return...

Jennifer Aniston and Reese Witherspoon have staged their own Friends reunion, after the pair originally shared the screen in the iconic sitcom.

The US stars were on promotional duties for Netflix’s The Morning Show when an interviewer showed them a photo of one scene from Friends – which saw Rachel Green (Aniston), arguing with her sister Jill (Witherspoon).

While Witherspoon struggled to remember her lines, it didn’t take long until Aniston helps her out.


Aniston says: “I say, ‘You can’t have Ross.’

Witherspoon then retorts: “Can’t have? Can’t have? The only thing I can’t have is dairy.”

Sharing the clip, Witherspoon wrote on Instagram: “One of the best parts of working with Jen is reliving my favorite lines from #FRIENDS.”

It comes days after Aniston revealed what happened to Ross and Rachel after the end of the show.

The star recently joined Instagram, staging a Friends reunion with her fellow sitcom castmates as her first photo.


In the comments section of the post, a fan asked Aniston the question we’ve all been wanting to know the answer to: did Ross and Rachel stay together?

In response, she quoted the iconic line from the series “we’re on a break” – hinting that the pair did not stay together after the finale.

Last week, Aniston revealed why she thinks a Friends reunion will never happen.