Jennifer Aniston reacts to ‘The Morning Show’ bombshell death

**Spoilers for 'The Morning Show' ahead**

Jennifer Aniston has shared her reaction to the surprise death of one of the main characters on The Morning Show.

The Apple TV+ show entered into its second season in September, and in its most recent episode saw Steve Carrell’s disgraced news anchor Mitch Kessler voluntarily crashing his car, which resulted in his death.

Aniston, who plays fellow anchor Alex Levy in the show, described the storyline as “heartbreaking”.


“It’s done so beautifully, and it’s very poetic, in a way,” she told USA Today. But that’s [Alex’s] only ally. That’s her only friend. That’s her one person she has in the world.”

After Mitch’s death comes a period of self-reflection for Alex, who is facing the imminent release of a tell-all book about her in the show.

“It’s one of the many things that lead her to the brutal reality and facing who she is and who she refuses to actually be, because their last conversation is so poignant,” she said.

Aniston’s co-star Reese Witherspoon also sang Carrell’s praises in the interview.


“I love what Steve did with Mitch,” she said. “It’s such a complicated guy struggling with the fallout, the human cost of cancel culture.

“He’s sort of exiled himself, but he still has children. He still has an ex-wife. He still has a life. He still has friends and what do you do with the aftermath of a public shaming like that, and a rightful one, in that he did a lot of harm. So I just think he did a great job playing that, layering a lot of humanity on top of it.”