Jennifer Aniston on ‘Friends’ reunion: ‘Anything is a possibility’

The actor hasn't ruled the gang getting back together

Jennifer Aniston has spoken about a potential Friends reunion in a new interview.

The hit sitcom was recently the subject of a fake movie trailer, which sparked speculation that a film featuring the six pals could be on the way. The clip neatly spliced together footage of the cast’s acting exploits since leaving the show, creating a plot that involved Monica and Chandler divorcing, Rachel getting a job as a therapist and Joey now being an award-winning actor.

Aniston recently appeared on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, where the TV presenter asked her if a new series of the show was “even in the realm of possibility”.


The actor replied: “Anything is a possibility, Ellen. Anything! I mean, George Clooney got married.” Watch the interview below.

It has been suggested that Central Perk, the coffee shop from the show, could open in real life.

Having previously opened as a pop-up location in New York and London, Warner Bros have reportedly secured the copyright to use the name Central Perk for “coffee shop and café services”.

As part of the trademark request, Warner Bros have specifically requested to use the exact Central Perk logo, which consisted of “a shaded oval flanked by coffee cups with steam rising above them, with the banner bearing the stylised wording CENTRAL and the shaded oval bearing the stylised wording PERK with a coffee bean design on either side of the wording PERK”.

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