Jeremy Clarkson and James May have made a video encouraging voters to stay in the EU

The former 'Top Gear' presenters are backing the Britain Stronger In Europe campaign

Ex-Top Gear presenters Jeremy Clarkson and James May have reunited in a video for The Telegraph in support of the Britain Stronger In Europe campaign.

Appearing in front of a wall map of Europe, the pair claim that the only things they agree on is the desire to remain in the EU and that they like sandwich spread.

They refer to the importance of being able to freely travel in Europe for their upcoming Amazon Video TV show The Grand Tour, which will be out in September and will also feature former Top Gear co-presenter Richard Hammond.

Clarkson also points at Switzerland and calls it a “waste of space”, referring to it’s status as a federal republic rather than a member of the EU. May half-heartedly disagrees by saying, “they’re good at penknives”.

Following this is a back-and-forth about whether Switzerland make good penknives, and the video concludes that, characteristic to their Top Gear personas, Clarkson and May can’t agree on anything except the Ford Mondeo (“the old one”), sandwich spread, and that “Britain is stronger, safer and better off in Europe”.

The final message of the video is to urge their viewers to vote remain on June 23rd.