Here’s what the critics are saying about ‘Jessica Jones’ season 2

Krysten Ritter praised but critics slate season's "slow" start

The first reviews are in for the second season of Netflix‘s Jessica Jones.

The Marvel series stars Krysten Ritter as the titular Jones, a former superhero who starts her own detective agency.

Describing it as a “difficult second outing for its mould-breaking superhero”, The Guardian gave the new season three stars out of five, adding: “the finale of season one set the bar high – but a slow and flabby start to the second is slightly worrying”.


Entertainment Weekly similarly slated the show’s opening episodes, describing the new season as a “slow-starting mess”.

The Telegraph, meanwhile, were more positive, awarding the show’s second season four stars and praising its “intrigue and dramatic subtlety”.

“The show does what every good comic book story should: uses a fake world to shine a light on real human problems”.

However, the reviewer did add that “each episode builds to a climax that never quite materialises”.

Jessica Jones season 2

The Hollywood Reporter mourned the absence of David Tennant’s villain Kilgrave from season one, saying: “Krysten Ritter remains superb, but the new season initially lacks the narrative momentum brought by [Kilgrave].”


The New York Times called the show “a presciently timed herald of the #MeToo-Time’s Up revolution”, but agreed that Tennant is sorely missed, arguing that “the early episodes of the season make a lot of room for fairly static character development, with proportionally less attention paid to the traditional genre pleasures, like atmosphere and action, which were central to the first season’s invigorating noir-superhero synthesis”.

Watch the trailer for season two below:

Season two arrives on the streaming service today (March 8).