Watch Jimmy Fallon belatedly address controversial Donald Trump interview

Fallon invited Trump onto his talk show last September

US talk-show host Jimmy Fallon has addressed his controversial Donald Trump interview from last year, which saw the presenter ruffle the future President’s hair.

Fallon was criticised for inviting Trump onto the Tonight Show, a move that some deemed to be the comedian “selling his soul to the devil”. Billionaire-turned-Republican Presidential candidate Trump appeared on the NBC show last September, chatting to host Fallon about his campaign and election bid, even letting Fallon touch his famous combover.

Following the broadcast, Fallon was roundly criticised for being too soft on Trump, with Twitter users arguing that giving Trump airtime “humanises a monster”. Fallon briefly defended himself, telling TMZ: “Have you seen my show? I’m never too hard on anyone”.


Now Fallon has addressed the matter at greater length during an interview with fellow late-night host Seth Meyers on last night’s Tonight Show. “We had him on the show and I  messed his hair up. Got a pretty big reaction,” Fallon recalled, leading to Meyers saying that he was “insulted by the reaction”.

Meyers went on: “I know after that happened, you took some heat, and some people said you are the reason he won, and I’m so insulted by that, because am the reason he won. I made fun of him in 2011, that’s the night he decided to run! I kicked the hornet’s nest, you just rubbed a hornet’s head. Both bad. It’s not the outcome I wanted, but it’s history. I got a man elected president, I want my points.”

Watch below:

Watch Fallon ruffle Trump’s hair beneath: