JJ Abrams’ remake of ‘Westworld’ will air in autumn

The show has already caused controversy with forms extras have been asked to sign

JJ Abrams‘ remake of ’70s sci-fi film Westworld is to air on HBO this autumn, it has been confirmed.

The Star Wars: The Force Awakens director produced the series, which stars Anthony Hopkins, James Marsden and Evan Rachel Wood. It was written by Interstellar and The Dark Knight writer Jonathan Nolan.

The Guardian reports that HBO says the programme is set at “the intersection of the near future and the reimagined past” and “it explores a world in which every human appetite, no matter how noble or depraved, can be indulged.”

It takes place in a theme park based around the American West where robots play out customers’ fantasies.


The series has already garnered some controversy via consent forms given to extras to sign, which included sexually graphic situations.

The forms asked those performing in the show to be willing to “contort to form a table-like shape while being fully nude”, “pose on all fours while others who are fully nude ride on your back,” and “perform genital-to-genital touching”.

HBO said in a statement the form was “created by an outside extras casting vendor” and that they were correcting “the discrepancies in this vendor’s document with our actual on-set practices”.