Joe Lycett mocks Nadine Dorries in fake resignation letter to Boris Johnson

“I am very grateful for many things you have done for me, but I believe you have not purchased the correct bottle opener”

Joe Lycett has taken aim at Culture Secretary Nadine Dorries in a fake resignation letter from her to Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

After Health Secretary Sajid Javid, Chancellor Rishi Sunak and more than 50 other Conservative MPs resigned from roles within the party, the comedian mocked up a resignation letter from Dorries on the matter of bottle openers.

“It is with deep sadness that I have reached the conclusion this is not working,” the letter begins. “I have made honest efforts to resolve the difficulties but it has become clear this morning that I am unable to proceed further.


“I would like to thank you for purchasing the PoptheTop automatic bottle opener for me last week. I am very grateful for this and for many things you have done for me, but I believe you have not purchased the correct bottle opener.

“I was looking to open a bottle of ‘I Heart Pinot Grigio’ I got from Tesco last night and discovered the PoptheTop bottle opener is actually only designed to open traditional beer bottles or Coca Cola or J20 Apple and Mango.”

After suggesting Johnson should “purchase the Cuisinart CW050U Electric Wine Opener which is £50 in John Lewis”, the letter concludes: “Please replace the PoptheTop automatic bottle opener which doesn’t even work on the Grolsch bottles which have the metal clasp.”

Lycett previously released a parody version of Sue Gray’s report investigating lockdown parties at Downing Street – a fake report which allegedly caused “panic” in the government because they believed it was an actual leak.

The comedian also duped Dorries with a tweet pretending to show support for Johnson, which she retweeted and swiftly deleted shortly afterwards.


Earlier today (July 7), Johnson agreed to resign as Conservative Party leader and Prime Minister, with a new leader set to be appointed by autumn.