Joe Lycett parodies Gal Gadot’s ‘Imagine’ video in sweary new version with Noel Fielding and more

"Imagine there's no bastards"

Comedian Joe Lycett has parodied Gal Gadot’s controversial recent ‘Imagine’ video in a sweary new version that features Noel Fielding, BBC Radio 1’s Greg James, Paul Chuckle and more.

Yesterday (March 19), Gadot recruited Will Ferrell, Jamie Dornan, Natalie Portman and more to sing the John Lennon song from their homes to lift spirits amid the ongoing coronavirus outbreak.

Lycett – who recently legally changed his name to Hugo Boss – has now shared his own version of the cover, and it’s significantly less PC.


“Imagine there’s no bastards… it’s easy if you’re a bastard,” the song begins, which proceeds to replace basically every other word of the original with “bastard”. See it below.

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A video I made with some friends

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Gadot’s video, which has been criticised by a number of people on social media, opened with her saying: “These past few days got me feeling a bit philosophical. This virus has affected the entire world, everyone. Doesn’t matter who you are, where you’re from, we’re all in this together.”

The video, already a meme, has been mocked across social media, as well as also garnering a significant amount of praise.


She went on to reveal that she was inspired to create the cover after seeing a video of Italians singing from their balconies amid the continuing lockdown in the country.

Millions across the world are staying at home and practicing social distancing as the coronavirus outbreak continues. Leading US stars such as Lady GagaTaylor Swift and Miley Cyrus have urged their fans to stay at home and self-isolate in the wake of the global outbreak.

Yesterday, a number of UK radio stations played ‘You’ll Never Walk Alone’ at same time in a show of solidarity against coronavirus.