Joe Lycett’s parody Sue Gray report causes “panic” in government

The comedian’s “leaked” report went viral

Joe Lycett’s parody of Sue Gray’s report allegedly caused “panic” in the government who believed it was an actual leak.

As Gray’s report investigating the numerous lockdown parties at Downing Street has yet to be published, the comedian mocked up a fake report to reveal the “shocking abuse of the rules”.

In the fake report, Lycett wrote that games were played in Downing Street such as ‘Pass the Arsehole’, WhatsApp groups were created titled ‘Down It Street’, while a senior minister insisted cabinet ministers perform ‘Pure & Simple’ by Hear’Say on tables.


The end of the report read: “Please forward any queries to my email”

After the post went viral, Lycett penned a follow-up tweet, writing: “This is an actual series of messages I have received from someone who works for a cabinet minister. Source is verified.”

According to the screenshotted exchange with a government worker, Lycett’s fake report was “read as an actual serious leak from Sue Gray’s report” which had “MP staff literally running around panicking”.

A tweet in response read: “It’s funny until you remember the people that thought this was serious literally run the country.”

Earlier this week, Lycett duped culture secretary Nadine Dorries with a tweet pretending to show support for Boris Johnson.


In the tweet directed at Johnson, Lycett wrote: “Don’t rise to it babe, im with nadine we r on ur side no matter what xoxox [sic].”

Dorries retweeted the comment and deleted the message shortly afterwards, as picked up by Twitter account Tweets MPs Delete.

Gray’s report was expected to be released this week but after the announcement of a Met police investigation into the alleged COVID breaches, the timing is now unclear.

Johnson recently promised the report will be published “in full” once it’s handed to the government.