Joe Pasquale impaled himself on moose antlers at a gig

"I nearly died, I really did. I was that close!"

Joe Pasquale has revealed that he impaled himself on a set of moose antlers during a gig in Skegness.

Speaking on Kate Thornton’s White Wine Question Time podcast, Pasquale revealed that during his recent stand-up tour, he has a set of antlers as a prop on stage.

During one gig in Skegness last month, Pasquale had an accident involving his prop, as he revealed to Thornton.


“I nearly died, I really did. I was that close!” the comedian added, saying that the antler “only got me in the back of the leg.

“In the act I have a great big pair of moose antlers, and they’re huge things,” he added. “They’ve got these huge prongs sticking out, and the gag is I have to put them on my head and I go ‘I put too much mousse on my hair’.

“But at the end of the act the curtains came down and all my props are strewn all over the stage, and they bring the lights down, obviously. As I’m starting to put all my props away, and I literally trip over my moose head.”

He added: “So I had one leg on the ground and the other one’s hanging out to the right-hand side somewhere, and I managed to push myself over, my torso went over the moose head.

“It was like Tom Cruise… I actually twisted round on to my back as well, all in a split second.


“It was all in slow motion and as I came down the moose head only got me in the back of the leg. It really hurt, but I thought, ‘oh that’s okay.'”

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