No, Joey Tribbiani isn’t cooking a human baby in this ‘Friends’ scene – but what is it?

How you stewing?

Eagle-eyed Friends fans recently spotted something strange in Joey’s oven in the show’s final episode – with some viewers suggesting that it appeared to be a human baby.

The post on Reddit has attracted serious speculation from Friends devotees. Check the screenshot out for yourself below.

Photo: Reddit user Jomibu


Fans have been debating what the unidentified object could be – with guesses ranging from a baby’s body to a rubber chicken,  Rachel’s hairless cat, and perhaps even an M&Ms figurine.

Let’s take a look at all the options…

A turkey?

That would make sense. Joey does love his food, after all. But we’ve never seen a turkey with elongated arms and legs like that – have you?

A rubber chicken?

We wouldn’t be surprised if Joey, distraught by the emotional turmoil of having to give away his beloved duck and chick, would accidentally put a rubber chicken into the oven, instead of a real one. Perhaps there’s even a long-lost deleted scene of Joey tucking in to the scorched inedible bird?

Rachel’s hairless cat?

A darker theory: is the mystery object actually Rachel’s $1,000 sphinx cat from Season 5 episode ‘The One With The Ball’? Well, the entire gang (including Joey) did find the cat pretty repulsive. However, the episode ended with Rachel selling the cat to Gunther – so no, it’s probably not the cat.

A human baby?


No. Just no, way too dark.

A M&M toy?

I think it’s safe to say we’ve solved the mystery: it’s clearly a figurine of the yellow M&M character reclining in an armchair. Why is it in the oven though? Who knows. That’s the next mystery to solve.

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Meanwhile, Friends was recently crowned the UK’s most watched streaming show. 

The US sitcom arrived on Netflix back in January, with subscribers able to binge watch all 10 seasons. Repeats of the show were broadcast on Channel 4 and E4 until 2011.

While Netflix and Amazon don’t publish their own viewing figures, new data has been released by TV watchdog Ofcom, revealing the classic sitcom as top of the list in streaming figures.

Netflix have spent over £5billion on original programming this year alone, but the show from 1994-2004 is proving the most popular than new shows.

You can the list of the UK’s top streaming shows below.

  1. Friends Netflix
  2. The Grand Tour Amazon
  3. The Crown Netflix
  4. Stranger Things Netflix
  5. Peaky Blinders Netflix
  6. Black Mirror Netflix
  7. The Big Bang Theory Netflix
  8. Brooklyn Nine-Nine Netflix
  9. The Good Place Netflix
  10. Vikings Amazon

Despite making it into the top ten, Brooklyn Nine-Nine was cancelled by Fox earlier this year. However, NBC were quick to snap it up, recommissioning the show for a 13-episode run. It’s said that Netflix, Hulu and TBS were also keen to get involved.