Watch Jon Stewart join Stephen Colbert for a musical number urging Americans to vote

The comedic pair reunited once more to remind viewers to use their vote in today's Presidential election

Jon Stewart reunited with Stephen Colbert last night (November 7) to perform a musical number that urged Americans to vote in today’s Presidential election.

Stewart, the former host of The Daily Show, has previously appeared in two election-related sketches with Colbert on the latter’s Late Show: back in December, Stewart impersonated Republican candidate Donald Trump, while in July Colbert reprised his character from The Colbert Report to “try and make sense” of Trump’s run for The White House along with Stewart.

During the Late Show‘s live broadcast last night, Stewart once again reunited with Colbert to perform a musical number that urged Americans to use their vote. Entitled ‘Voting: Now Is The Time!’, the sketch saw Colbert and Stewart pose different sides of the argument about using the vote to a a young “street urchin”. However, when Stewart – playing the ‘Mayor of Candytown’ – learns that one of the two candidates is Trump, he changes his tune and encourages the young girl to vote for Trump’s rival, Hillary Clinton.

The number also featured a cameo appearance from Hamilton actor Javier Muñoz.

Watch ‘Voting: Now Is The Time!’ below.

Jon Stewart isn’t the only name in the entertainment world to have voiced their opposition to Trump’s candidacy during this election – see a list of The Musicians Who Hate Donald Trump The Most here.