Jon Stewart responds to Louis CK sexual misconduct scandal

Ex-'Daily Show' host expresses regret and describes himself as "stunned" by the news

Jon Stewart has responded to the Louis CK sexual misconduct scandal after the comedian’s recent admission and apology. Stewart says that he was “stunned” by the revelations.

Last week (November 9), CK was accused of sexual misconduct by five women. It was claimed that CK had pressured women, including female comedians, to watch and listen to him masturbate. After initially declining to comment, CK eventually issued a public statement the following day (November 10), saying that the “stories are true” and that he has “been remorseful of my actions”.

Stewart, a friend of CK’s, appeared on the Today show when he was asked what his reaction had been upon hearing the news, to which he said that he had been “stunned”.

The former Daily Show host went on to reveal that he had first heard of the allegations facing CK in May 2016 but had been “assured” that they were not true. “You give your friends the benefit of the doubt,” he explained.

Describing the issue of misconduct towards women as “endemic, systemic” and a “complex problem”, Stewart expressed regret at not speaking out about the rumours. “We took somebody’s word for it,” Stewart continued. “And maybe that’s an error on our part.”

Watch Stewart’s response in the video below.

Louis CK’s friend and fellow comedian Marc Maron has also responded to the scandal.

Following the allegations levelled at Louis CK, it was confirmed that the release of CK’s upcoming movie I Love You, Daddy has been cancelled, while HBO, Netflix and FX have also cut ties with the star. TBS have also announced CK’s animated series The Cops would be “suspended until further review”.

In his apology statement, the comedian said he had “tried to learn from” his actions, as well as “run from them”. “Now I’m aware of the extent of the impact of my actions,” he said. “I learned yesterday the extent to which I left these women who admired me feeling badly about themselves and cautious around other men who would never have put them in that position.”