Jonny Lee Miller cast in lead role in new adaptation of Sherlock Holmes

'Trainspotting' actor will play famous detective in 'Elementary'

Jonny Lee Miller has been cast as Sherlock Holmes in a US TV adaptation of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s detective stories.

The actor, who has starred in films such as Trainspotting and Hackers, will take on the lead role in Elementary for the show’s pilot on CBS.

If the pilot is successful then the show, which is set in contemporary New York, could be made into a series to be broadcast this autumn.

Last month, producer of the BBC’s Sherlock, Sue Vertue, said she found the prospect of Elementary “very worrying” and feared that CBS’s plans to revamp the detective series in a modern context would overlap with the UK version of the show.

Vertue, who revealed that they had been approached by the network to remake Sherlock for US audiences, said: “At the time, they made great assurances about their integrity, so we have to assume that their modernised Sherlock Holmes doesn’t resemble ours in any way, as that would be extremely worrying. We are very proud of our show and like any proud parent, will protect the interest and wellbeing of our offspring.”

Sherlock has been confirmed to return for a third series, with writer Mark Gatiss saying that they have no plans to end the show.

He said: “We love doing this, this is brilliant fun so [we’ll keep going] as long as we can keep Benedict [Cumberbatch] and Martin [Freeman] coming back.”