Julian Barratt wants to do ‘The Mighty Boosh’ reunion show

“I don’t know, we’d have to get back on the Boosh-mobile first..."

The Mighty Boosh star and co-creator Julian Barratt is keen for a reunion show.

The comedian, now starring in Truth Seekers opposite Nick Frost and Simon Pegg, addressed a potential comeback series or new live material with the show’s co-creator Noel Fielding.

“We think we might do something live at some point for people who grew up on us who want to see us,” Barratt told Radio Times. “We’ll see where we go from there. That’ll be in a bit. I don’t know when.”


Discussing a return to the small screen specifically with Fielding, Barratt said: “I don’t know, we’d have to get back on the Boosh-mobile first.

The Mighty Boosh

“It was so all-consuming when we were doing and we both do different things at the moment. We’d need to get back on that horse, if you know what I mean.”

The comedian also confirmed the pair are still in close contact. “Noel and I are still friends,” he said. “He’s had a daughter and I’ve got boys and we’re doing that for a bit […] He lives very close to me, so I do actually see him most days.”

He added: “When I had kids and he was tripping the light fantastic and heading out all hours of the night, he’d be getting back in the small hours and I’d be taking the kids out at dawn in a pushchair.

“We were in different time zones. And now it’s fun to see him in the mornings looking bedraggled by parenthood.”


Fielding teased more Mighty Boosh material earlier this year on social media, writing on Instagram: “There really wasn’t enough Boosh this decade! let’s try and rectify that in the next one 😉 x”