Justin Timberlake now has his own pop trivia game show

He's not just the voice of a troll

A new game show created by Justin Timberlake will offer viewers the chance to win $20 million – apparently the biggest prize in US primetime history.

‘Spin The Wheel’ is a trivia show where contestants battle to add cash wedges to a 40-foot wheel by correctly answering pop culture questions. Players then spin the wheel to increase their prize money but there is always the risk of losing it all with a misjudged spin.

The ‘Can’t Stop the Feeling’ singer co-created the format with Hollywood game show pro Andrew Glassman. It is Timberlake’s executive producing debut.

This isn’t the first time Glassman has collaborated with a celebrity, he recetly scored a massive hit with The Wall, a game show created with basketball superstar LeBron James.

Fox secured the series after a short bidding war in February 2017 with negotiations taking over a year to finalise. ‘Spin the Wheel’ is expected to air at some point between 2018-19.

Comedian and actor Dax Shepard will present the series, he said:  “I can’t think of a better job than giving out millions of dollars to nice people. It’s my chance to finally be Willy Wonka.” A Fox spokesman described ‘Spin the Wheel’ as “massive on so many levels”.

It’s already been a busy year for Timberlake. He released his fifth solo album ‘Man Of The Woods‘ in February. In a three-star reviewNME wrote: “Do not be fooled by JT’s new outdoorsy image. The smell of aged leather, woodsmoke and school orienteering trips might ooze flagrantly out of the soul marvel’s new look, but he’s still the funky pop magician we know and love.”

And last month, he surprised us with ‘SoulMate’, an unexpected collaboration with Drake.

Will ‘Spin the Wheel’ be a success? Probably, seeing as Timberlake has already conquered the world of singing, songwriting, dancing, acting, and wearing double denim.