Karen Gillan: ”Doctor Who exit will be shock to the system’

The actress will bow out as Amy Pond later this year

Karen Gillan has said that she will struggle to adapt to life beyond Doctor Who.

The actress, who plays Amy Pond in the hit sci-fi drama, will leave midway through the next run, which recently started filming.

But now she has admitted that she is preparing for a “shock to the system” once she has departed. She told Collider:

We have so much fun. It’s so life-consuming, but in the most wonderful way. We pretty much film every day, for nine months of the year, so it’s basically your life.

Gillan continued: “When you’re not filming it, you’re promoting it and talking about it, so it really does take over your life. It will be a strange shock to the system, to not be doing it anymore.”

Amy Pond and her husband Rory will depart the series in what showrunner Steven Moffat has promised will be “heartbreaking” scenes. Last year, the character was revealed to be the mother of time-travelling assassin River Song, played by Alex Kingston.