Karen Gillan would like ‘Community’ role

Amy Pond actress is a fan of its 'Doctor Who' spoof 'Inspector Spacetime'

Karen Gillan has revealed that she would like to guest star in US sitcom Community.

The acclaimed NBC show features a spoof of Doctor Who called Inspector Spacetime, and with her departure as Amy Pond imminent, Gillan joked that she would be happy to cross over.

Speaking in an interview with BBC America, she said she is familiar with Community: “I’ve seen a lot of Community actually. I wasn’t familiar with it until recently when my flatmate said, ‘Do you realise there’s a Doctor Who spoof in a show over in the States?’ I was like, ‘what is this?’ So we sat down and watched one of the episodes and got hooked and now I really really love Community.

“I love Inspector Spacetime, it’s so funny. Because that’s what we do at work every day, so to see it in the States in spoof form is brilliant.”

Gillan then quipped: “Hi Community, I just wanna say any time you maybe need an Amy Pond on Inspector Spacetime, just let me know! I’m on http://www.twitter.com/karengillan2″>Twitter: now, and I can do a really good scared face!”

Gillan and co-star Arthur Darvill recently completed filming on Doctor Who as Amy and Rory. Their final episode, which brings them back face-to-face with the Weeping Angels, will air just before Christmas. Jenna-Louise Coleman will then join the show as the new companion.

Watch Gillan talk Community below.