Katherine Langford reflects on ’13 Reasons Why’: “It was the hardest first role”

"It’s a role that I’ll always have in my heart.”

13 Reasons Why lead Katherine Langford has said that playing the role of Hannah Baker as her first role was the “hardest”.

Quickly becoming the most-tweeted-about Netflix show to date following its first season premiere in March 2017, the mystery drama concluded its fourth season this summer following the tale of Hannah who took her own life in season one.

Langford, who is now starring in Cursed, continued to appear in the Netflix drama in flashbacks scenes. However, it wasn’t an easy first gig for the 24-year-old actress.


Speaking to NME, she said: “I think I’m starting to give myself more credit for it.

“But at the time it was the first thing that I’d ever done, so I took it all at surface value I think. That experience was my only experience on a film set. It’s a role that I’m very grateful to have played, and a story that I’m grateful to have told.

“But yeah, when I look back now, I think that was probably the hardest first role to have for a number of reasons. But for an overwhelming number of other reasons it was also the best.”

Netflix’s ‘Cursed’ is a modern revamp of King Arthur’s story. Credit: Netflix

She added: “I was lucky to be surrounded by great people and wonderful creatives on that job. It’s a role that I’ll always have in my heart.”

Cursed, which re-imagines the legend of King Arthur through the eyes of Nimue, a character played by Langford who goes on to become the mythical ‘Lady of the Lake’, airs on Netflix now.


Elsewhere in the NME interview, Langford talked about being stuck in Sweden due to the coronavirus pandemic, life after 13 Reasons Why, and dealing with the backlash that has followed the controversial show since its conception.

You can read the rest of the interview here. 

‘Cursed’ is on Netflix now