Katherine Ryan felt “sick, worried and upset” when she saw the general election result

"I always look towards the future; we can’t live in the past."

Comedian Katherine Ryan had to remain impartial during her stint as a co-host on Channel 4’s election night coverage, but she has since revealed she “felt sick” when she first heard about the Tory majority.

The Tories were declared election winners in the early hours of Friday morning, after securing over 360 seats on a disastrous night for Labour.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson described the victory as a “powerful mandate to get Brexit done” as the Labour vote collapsed in some of the party’s traditional heartlands.


Speaking at the Global Citizen Awards at the Royal Albert Hall in London, the Canadian comedian and former NME columnist explained how a feeling of dread kicked in as she was live on TV.

“I did feel worried and upset at first,” she revealed. “My heart was beating and I felt sick. But I always look towards the future; we can’t live in the past. Alright, what can we do now? We always have to move forward,” she said.

Boris Johnson and Jeremy Corbyn (Getty)

Describing the outcome of the election, she added: “If Boris Johnson and One Nation Britain can deliver by actually putting more money in the NHS, actually make it so that people receive their funds that are allocated, I’ll be thrilled with that.

“If Brexit is a good thing and it helps vulnerable people then I’ll be thrilled with that too, genuinely, but I don’t think I’m supposed to say that.”


Commenting on the mood of Labour voters right now, Katherine explained: “People are gutted, but I think there is hope. You look to people like Jess Phillips who is definitely going to revamp the Labour party, they’re gonna look at what happened tonight. I look forward to a Britain where hopefully Jess Phillips is our prime minister.”

Meanwhile, the likes of Stormzy, Yungblud and Thom Yorke have all responded in the wake of the election result.

Words: Adam Bloodworth.