Kelsey Grammar reveals he has “six different ideas” for possible ‘Frasier’ revival

Could the doc be on his way to a new city?

Kelsey Grammar has revealed that he has “six different ideas” for the possible revival of iconic TV show Frasier.

The popular U.S. sitcom – a spin-off of Cheers – that saw Grammar play Dr. Frasier Crane, ran for 11 seasons from 1993 to 2004 and won a record 37 Emmys – including Outstanding Comedy Series.

While in London making his West End debut in the musical Man of La Mancha, Grammar stopped by Lorraine and teased Frasier fans, revealing that he has six ideas for a new season of the show, and they’re all in the running to be signed off, but nothing has been decided.


Hinting at “a continuation of Frasier,” he said: “It’s a fun idea, they are all – they are similar but it’s [about] a new life in a new city. That kind of thing is where we headed.”

Watch Grammar’s interview below:

Also opening up about the death of Frasier and Niles’ on-screen father John Mahoney, Grammar explained that any new show will need to “replace the energy” of Martin Crane.

“[John] was terrific so you need to kind of replace that energy. Like what they did on Cheers with Coach, they found Woody, who had the same kind of sensibility.”

Last month, Grammar was spotted holding what appeared to be a new Frasier script, sparking rumours that either a reunion or a reboot of the hit 90s television show may be incoming.


Last year, Grammer expressed his hopes at getting the show’s full cast to return for its reboot, revealing that “they seem to” be on board.

Reports emerged that Grammer, who was starring in the new Netflix comedy, Like Father, was “exploring” the possibility of a reboot of the hit TV series and was at the stage of “meeting with writers who [were] pitching different concepts.” However, he later said the rumours were “a little premature.”