Kevin Dillon: ”Entourage’ movie will probably happen’

Actor says Vincent, Eric and Johnny 'Drama' likely to hit the cinema

Kevin Dillon says an Entourage movie is likely to happen.

Series creator Doug Ellin and executive producer Mark Wahlberg have previously said that a movie version of the HBO show was in the works, and now Dillon, who plays Johnny ‘Drama’ Chase in the series, has given his support to the idea.

He told TV Guide: “I think it’s still going to happen. It’s just kind of tricky with the guys working, but it seems like all the actors are on board.

Doug Ellin wants to write it. Mark Wahlberg wants to produce it so I do think it probably will happen. I hope it does.

Entourage ended earlier this year, after a seven-year run.

Dillon also stated the series has changed the sort of work offered to him. “Before Entourage, I couldn’t get a sitcom. People wouldn’t hire me for comedies. They would say, ‘Oh, he doesn’t do comedy,’ and now it’s really all I do.”