Kiefer Sutherland says ’24’ movie script is almost complete

Agent Jack Bauer is set to return on the big screen

Kiefer Sutherland has revealed that a script for the planned movie version of 24 is almost complete.

Plans for a big screen adaptation of the long-running thriller have been afoot since the conclusion of the eighth and final TV season. But the stumbling block has so far been the script.

Now, the actor has revealed that it may not be long before he steps back into the shoes of counter-terrorist agent Jack Bauer. He told the Daily Telegraph

We are coming very close to having a finished script. That’s been the most difficult thing. You have to remember that we have 24 hours to explain the stories in 24 and so trying to condense that into a two-hour film version has been a real shift in gear for us.

Explaining the challenges, Sutherland added: “We were originally trying to make it too big and put too much into it – but once we relaxed, we found out how to tell that story. So yes we definitely to plan on making the film.”

He went on to describe the impact that playing Bauer had had on his own life, saying: “It is seen all over the globe and to be able to be part of a project that transcended languages and cultures over a long sustained period of time has been great. It was the largest audience I have ever had and it was an absolute thrill to work on that show. But it also changed things for me. It did so much for my confidence. For those reasons alone I will forever be in debt to that experience I’ve had with 24.”