Kieran Culkin “wanted to cry” after a comment from ‘Succession’ co-star Sarah Snook

"Why the fuck would you say that?"

Succession star Kieran Culkin has revealed in a new interview that he wanted “to cry” after his co-star Sarah Snook made a comment about the show coming to an end.

Speaking to Esquire for a cover story, Culkin revealed that at the Emmys last year, Snook approached him with a remark on how they might never work together again once Succession comes to an end. The comment was made long before anyone knew season four would be the show’s last.

“Hey, Kieran, you’ll love this,” Snook said to Culkin. “When we finish this show, you and I will never work together again.” Snook told Esquire that the comment hit Culkin “much more than I thought it would”.


Culkin replied to Snook: “I went, ‘Why the fuck would you say that? Fuck, I want to cry.’”

Elsewhere in his interview, Culkin confirmed that the cast of Succession were in the dark about the show coming to an end until this January, when they all partook in a table read for the final episode.

Kieran Culkin and Sarah Snook star alongside Brian Cox, Jeremy Strong, Alan Ruck and more in Succession, which earlier this week premiered the first episode of its fourth season. Succession‘s fourth season will be the show’s last, though creator Jesse Armstrong recently admitted that he hoped he would be talked out of ending the show by HBO.

“The word that comes to mind for me is ‘natural.’ I hope people, when they see this season, will feel that it has a natural shape to it,” he told Variety.

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