‘Killing Eve’ criticised for lack of diversity in writers’ room

"Killing Eve has an Asian lead, but the writers' room doesn't have a single Asian writer?"

Hit BBC One show Killing Eve has been criticised for the lack of diversity in its writers’ room.

It comes after one of the show’s writers took to Twitter to post a Zoom screenshot of the writing team celebrating after they had finished penning the fourth season.

“15 weeks later, it’s the final day of the Killing Eve writers room,” Kayleigh Llewellyn wrote in a since deleted tweet, sharing the image of nine writers who were all white.


Replying to Llewellyn’s post, many fans addressed the lack of diversity in the writers’ room, stating this could be the reason why Sandra Oh’s character Eve wasn’t as well written as Jodie Comer’s Villanelle in the most recent season.

“Killing Eve has an Asian lead, but the writers’ room doesn’t have a single Asian writer?” one person wrote.

Another added: “The criticism is completely fair! this last season definitely felt like it was lacking Sandra Oh, despite her being the lead and an executive producer. hiring a team of mostly white women isn’t diverse and for a show of its scale and following, they do need to do a lot better!”

“With Sandra Oh literally making history as the first woman of Asian descent to win multiple Golden Globes and they can’t hire one non white person to help pen the story behind the scenes?” a third added.


Sharing similar sentiments, another person added: “You mean to tell me that there’s a show starring a Korean woman and there’s not a single Korean woman on the staff, much less a visible person of color?”

Meanwhile, Phoebe Waller-Bridge has reportedly been asked to be involved in a potential new James Bond spin-off.

The Killing Eve writer has been working on the script for the latest movie in the franchise, No Time to Die, though a new report has claimed that she could be involved even more beyond the next movie.

Following an alleged leak that suggested the spy will have a daughter in the next movie, apparently called Mathilde, the Daily Mirror now claims that Bond bosses are keen to create a new franchise centred around her.