Kim Se-jeong reveals she is “too shy” to watch ‘A Business Proposal’ bed scene with Ahn Hyo-seop

“It felt like secretly watching in on [the characters] so I felt embarrassed”

South Korean actress and singer Kim Se-jeong has opened up about her bed scene with co-star Ahn Hyo-seop, from the K-drama A Business Proposal.

In a recent interview with Newsen, the 25-year-old actress spoke about her recent role as Shin Ha-ri in the romantic K-drama A Business Proposal and opened up about her chemistry with co-star Ahn Hyo-seop.

During the interview, Kim revealed that she was afraid to take a look at the pair’s romantic bed scene, which was also the first in her career. “I was too shy to properly watch the final scene,” she said, as translated by Soompi.


“I think it’s because it really appeared as Tae-mu (Ahn’s character) and Ha-ri,” she added. “While it was a pretty scene, I was more shy because I think it really would’ve happened for Tae-mu and Ha-ri. It felt like secretly watching in on them so I felt embarrassed.”

Despite her reluctance to watch the scene, Kim shared that she had no issue filming it in the first place. “I wasn’t very worried. While there definitely must be people who were surprised to see Se-jeong showing that, it was a moment that wasn’t awkward to Ha-ri and Tae-mu,” explained the star.

A Business Proposal recently ended its 12-episode run as the third most-watched Netflix series globally, and the platform’s most-watched non-English series in the week of March 28 to April 3.

Notably, these numbers do not reflect the viewership for the show’s last two episodes—which aired on April 4 and 5, respectively. Those episodes will be counted in this week’s most-watched charts, which comes out tomorrow (April 13).