‘King Of The Hill’ reboot officially in the works

It's finally official

King Of The Hill creators Greg Daniels and Mike Judge are teaming up for a reboot.

The two producers recently announced the creation of their new animation company Bandera Entertainment, and explained the collaborative venture came after a number of King Of The Hill reunion panels.

“We were very excited to go into different tones and different styles and try to expand the animation art form,” Daniels told The Hollywood Reporter of the new project.


“We’re in a golden age for content, right? That’s animation, too. That was one of the things we were talking about in founding the company: ‘Let’s push animation into all these different genres.’”

There is no word yet on a plot synopsis or voice cast roles for the King Of The Hill reboot – stay tuned for updates as they come in.

King Of The Hill aired for 13 seasons from 1997 to 2010, and focused on the Hill family comprising of propane salesman Hank Hill, his wife Peggy, their son Bobby and Peggy’s niece Luanne, based in Arlen, Texas.

Other characters included the Hill’s family friends such as Dale, Bill, Jeff and Mr. Redcorn.

In a 2021 Reddit AMA, one of the show’s former writers Brett Forrester was asked: “Have you heard any updates as to the possible King of the Hill revival? Aging the cast of characters would be a stroke of genius and practically reinvent the show (in an awesome way!)”


The writer then replied: “I am sure Greg Daniels and Mike Judge will murder me for sharing this but… HELL YES. They are in hot negotiations to bring back King of the Hill.

“The Trump administration made it suddenly very relevant again. The characters have all aged 15 years. The project is sooooo good. Okay I’ve said too much :)”

The release date for the King Of The Hill reboot is yet to be confirmed.

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