Kit Harington says Jon Snow is “not okay” after ‘Game Of Thrones’ ending

"He's got to live out his life thinking about all of this trauma"

Kit Harington has suggested that his Game Of Thrones character Jon Snow is “not okay” following the show’s finale.

The hit HBO fantasy series came to an end in 2019, with Snow banished back to the Night’s Watch after assassinating Daenerys Targaryen (Emilia Clarke) in the finale.

As such, he’s still living, with a spin-off series focusing on his character in the works. While Harington didn’t touch upon the planned show during an appearance at the Game Of Thrones Convention yesterday (December 11), he did hint at where the character is psychologically.


“I think if you asked him, he would’ve felt he got off lightly,” the actor said of Snow’s sentence (via Entertainment Weekly). “At the end of the show when we find him in that cell, he’s preparing to be beheaded and he wants to be. He’s done. The fact he goes to the Wall is the greatest gift and also the greatest curse.

Game Of Thrones Emilia Clarke Kit Harington
Emilia Clarke as Daenerys Targaryen and Kit Harington as Jon Snow in ‘Game Of Thrones’. Credit: HBO

“He’s gotta go back up to the place with all this history and live out his life thinking about how he killed Dany, and live out his life thinking about Ygritte [played by Rose Leslie] dying in his arms, and live out his life thinking about how he [hanged] Olly [Brenock O’Connor], and live out his life thinking about all of this trauma, and that… that’s interesting,” he added.

“So I think where we leave him at the end of the show, there’s always this feeling of like… I think we wanted some kind of little smile that things are okay. He’s not okay.”

Kit Harington
Kit Harington CREDIT: Steve Granitz/WireImage

Fellow Game Of Thrones star Jacob Anderson weighed in recently on the possibility of appearing in the Snow series as Grey Worm, suggesting that things would be “pretty tense” between the characters given the state of affairs at the end of the series.


“I think the only way Grey Worm would show up in that show is to kill Jon Snow,” he told E! News. “I don’t think Grey Worm would want to see him again.

“I think that was quite a significant condition of [Jon] living, was like, ‘I don’t ever want to see your face again. I’m going to go my way, and you’re going to go your way, and that’s that.’ I’d be very surprised if we saw Grey Worm again.”

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