Kyle MacLachlan hints at future ‘Twin Peaks’ seasons

The actor plays Agent Cooper on the cult show, which returned for its long-awaited third season last month

Kyle MacLachlan has hinted at a future for Twin Peaks beyond its current third season.

The David Lynch co-created show returned for its current run of episodes last month, ending a 26-year absence from the small screen.

With the new season now a third of the way through, MacLachlan – who plays Agent Cooper on the show – has hinted that the current run of new episodes may not be the end point for Twin Peaks.


Telling Digital Spy that he would “welcome” further episodes in the future, MacLachlan said: “I had such a wonderful time on this. And you’re talking about working again with David Lynch, so that’s a no brainer.”

The actor also revealed that instead of receiving one script per episode for the new season, he was actually given a single screenplay that comprised of all 18 episodes of the third season of Twin Peaks.

“It was all one long script, so there was no Act 1, Act 2 – it wasn’t in a traditional television format,” MacLachlan explained. “It was literally 500 pages – plus or minus – one after the other, so nothing stopped. There was no natural pause. You couldn’t tell when the first hour ended or any of the episodes.

“To be honest, I devoured it. That’s a long read and I took a break along the way, but I never wanted to stop turning the pages. It was fascinating. Some things I could imagine how David [Lynch] was going to do; other things I had no idea. No idea!

“And I think, ultimately, when we get to the end of the journey… Oh, I can’t speak much about that, obviously. What can I say? All I can say is that it’s going to be spectacular.”


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