People aren’t happy about Larry David’s ‘SNL’ monologue

The comedian spoke of the sexual assault allegations in Hollywood

Larry David was the host of last night’s Saturday Night Live (Nov 4), with musical guest Miley Cyrus.

During his opening monologue. David spoke of the recent sexual assault allegations currently sweeping Hollywood.

In the speech, David mentioned that ‘not all but many of [the predators] are Jews.’


“I don’t like it when Jews are in the headlines for notorious reasons,” he continued. “I want Einstein discovers the theory of relativity. Salk cures polio. What I don’t want? Weinstein took it out.”

He then went on to say he’s ‘always been obsessed with women’ before speculating whether he’d ‘still be checking out women’ if he had ‘grown up in Poland when Hitler came to power and was sent to a concentration camp.’

He mentioned that there are ‘no good opening lines in concentration camps.’ Watch the full monologue below.

Some viewers weren’t happy with the comedian, with many taking to Twitter to vent their frustrations. ‘Did Larry David really just use his platform on SNL to turn a comment about the Weinstein scandal into a holocaust joke? Yes. Yes he did,’ one wrote.


‘Jokes Re: checking out women in a concentration camp. If there was ever a scenario where, “too soon” is forever… #snl #LarryDavid,’ another wrote.

Another added, ‘I embrace Larry David’s awkwardness. But he just took it to a new level doing Holocaust concentration camp pickup lines in his SNL monologue.’ See the tweets below.

Meanwhile, Larry David has addressed Jennifer Lawrence’s ongoing crush on him, saying he’s jealous of her other crushes.