Lars Mikkelsen teases new ‘Sherlock’ baddie Charles Magnussen

'Borgen' star says his character is a 'supreme villain'

Lars Mikkelsen has given a hint of new Sherlock baddie Charles Magnussen’s character, describing him as a “supreme” villain.

The actor, best known for appearing in the original Danish version of The Killing and the third series of Borgen, makes his Sherlock debut in the finale of the current series, which can be seen on BBC One on Sunday (January 12) evening.

He plays the shady businessman in the episode entitled ‘His Last Vow’, and was could be briefly seen at the end of series opener ‘The Empty Hearse’. The actor teased that Magnussen will be a massive departure from the ‘playful’ villain of the previous two series, Moriarty.

He told the BBC: “He’s so supreme in his power that I read it as quite a different character to Moriarty. Whereas Moriarty is playful as a villain, this character is more supreme. He doesn’t even need to raise his voice to dominate people. He doesn’t enjoy being a villain; I don’t even think he reckons himself as a villain, he just lives off preying on other people.”

He went on to heap praise on the show’s stars Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman, putting much of their success down to the their personal chemistry on screen. He said: “I was a bit starstruck with them but they’re such nice people, and they just opened their hearts and their minds, and let me in. So it was quite easy working with them.”

A trailer for the third and final episode of the current series can be seen below.