‘Westworld’ actor Simon Quarterman confirms Lee Sizemore will feature in this week’s episode

The late park engineer has already made one cameo this season

Westworld star Simon Quarterman has confirmed he will return for a second cameo in season three during this week’s upcoming episode.

Quarterman, who played park engineer Lee Sizemore until the character’s death during the season two finale in 2018, returned for an unexpected cameo in the second episode of the HBO sci-fi epic’s most recent series. However, it turned out that Sizemore was nothing more than a digital creation inside a simulation designed to confuse Thandie Newton’s character Maeve. Fans had expected that to be the last they’d see of the British actor, but Quarterman has now revealed to NME that he’ll be back very soon.

“I am returning in episode six,” said Quarterman. “It was an interesting season for me, because obviously Lee finds himself pretty much out of things in a lot of ways. He’s now become this computer programme and I decided to keep myself apart from the main storyline so I did’t really know what was going on outside the simulation.”


Keen to keep any spoilers under wraps, Quarterman fended off further questions about the plot and said he “couldn’t say anymore, you know the deal.” However, he failed to rule out any more cameo appearances for Lee Sizemore beyond this week’s episode.

HBO has been known to go to extraordinary lengths to prevent script leaks on its flagship shows, such as Game Of Thrones, and Westworld is no different, Quarterman revealed.

“The scripts would come quite late in the day,” he said. “We would just be about to start the next episode and we would get it then. If you were a regular in the show you would get the whole script, but if you were recurring [like Quarterman] you would only get your scenes. They would be very careful about who saw what.”

In addition, Quarterman wasn’t even told about his character’s death in season two until “two days before” they shot the scene.

westworld season 3 episode 4
Evan Rachel Wood as Dolores in ‘Westworld’. Credit: HBO


“I didn’t even have the script,” he said. “It was two days before and Jonah [Nolan] took me aside and told me what was going on. I had no clue.

“We would get little breadcrumbs about our characters, particularly at the start of season two when I was [told] about the trajectory of where Lee was going that season,” he added. “But they’re very secretive, it would be like getting blood out of a stone for some things. I tried many times and [the producers] would just give you one little line and then they would disappear and you’d be left standing there going, ‘what does that mean?'”

He continued: “Then you’d spend weeks trying to work it all out and then finally, as it gets to the last episode of the season, the penny dropped and you go, ‘oh, got it now, thanks for that one!'”

‘Westworld’ continues Mondays at 9pm on Sky Atlantic and NOW TV

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