Lena Dunham celebrates 10th anniversary of ‘Girls’

“This was my attempt to understand my relationships with women”

Lena Dunham has marked the 10th anniversary of Girls with a reflective essay on the show’s creation.

The HBO series celebrated its milestone last Friday (April 15). After its premiere in 2012, the show ran for six seasons and concluded on April 16, 2017.

In an essay for Vogue magazine, Dunham explained how Girls served as her attempt to understand female friendships.


“By the time I wrote Girls, I had 24 years of experience with feeling both connected to and separated from, well, girls,” she wrote. “Many people saw the title of the show as a pronouncement that I was speaking for all the girls, that I fancied myself a microphone for half the population and, in the process, was grinding us down to one monolithic and unlikable soapstone.

“But this was actually my attempt to understand, perhaps even master, my relationships with girls, with women.”

Girls, created, executive produced and starring Dunham, follows aspiring writer Hannah as she navigates her twenties in New York without the financial support of her parents.

In a post on Instagram, Dunham also thanked fans for their support over the years. “I’ve seen some really sweet messages from you, sharing what the show has meant, and it’s been very emotional to say the least,” she wrote. “There’s no insta wrap-up that can describe the magic and mayhem of this journey, or room enough in a caption to celebrate the people I made the show with.”


She added: “The audience is better equipped than I am to argue the finer points of what we did and didn’t do, so all I can say is: my life is too transformed to imagine a world without this having been my (admittedly singular) first grownup job.”

Alongside Dunham, Girls starred Alison Williams, Jemima Kirke, Zosia Mamet, Adam Driver, Alex Karpovsky and Andrew Rannells.

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