Lena Dunham responds to being blamed for Hillary Clinton’s election defeat to Donald Trump

'Girls' star also says she wants a role as a Northern mother next

Lena Dunham has responded to some critics claiming she is responsible for Hillary Clinton’s US election loss to Donald Trump.

Dunham’s HBO series Girls is currently in its final season, with the first episode of season six airing last weekend (February 12).

Speaking to Rolling StoneDunham was asked what she made of “the fact that some people are actually, somehow, blaming you for Hillary Clinton’s election loss”, to which she replied: “It’s amazing. I’m like, ‘Why don’t we check in with Russia, you guys?'”


She added: “I backed Hillary Clinton when a lot of people in my age group were on the Bernie train, so I was getting shit from the right for being a ‘libtard’ – and getting shit from young people for supporting what they saw as a corporate candidate. It was painful when people were like, ‘Hillary lost because Lena Dunham is such a bad example of liberalism.’ But everyone’s scared and upset, and they need someone to blame. It’s easier to blame me than it is to, like, blame George Clooney for not giving enough speeches or whatever. You could go around pointing fingers in every fucking direction in Hollywood if you wanted to. If I’m gonna be the punching bag for that, I know where my heart is and I know why I felt like I needed to campaign for her. I know what those experiences on the road meant to me with other women, the connections that I made – and I just have to hold on to that.”

Asked about friend Taylor Swift being criticised for not publicly endorsing Clinton, Dunham said: “I just think everyone has to do it their way. When I was lesser known, I was like, ‘Who could not share their opinion?’ Then I found out that when you talk about politics, people straight up tweet you the floor plan of your house and say they’re coming to your house. You have to fucking watch it because people are nuts.”

On her post-Girls career, Dunham said that she has “mixed feelings” about pursuing acting further in the future, although she would accept a role if “Andrea Arnold was like, ‘I want you to come play a complex mother in the North of England’.”

“I really wanna keep writing,” Dunham added. “I’ve been working on a book of fiction for two and a half years… And then I’m going to make movies, which is my hope. I’m not trying to get a big box-office movie, not that I think that’s what anyone thinks I’m good for. But as much as I’ve loved my job I’m a little excited to let somebody else be the poster girl for white liberalism. That will be a nice transition if it can happen.”