Life-size Cilla Black statue to be erected in hometown of Liverpool

Singer and TV presenter died of a stroke in August

A life-size bronze statue depicting late singer and television presenter Cilla Black will be unveiled in her hometown of Liverpool.

Black died of a stroke in August after falling in her Spanish home. Black was sunbathing on the balcony at her villa in Estepona, Spain when she fell and hit her head. She was knocked unconscious by the fall and subsequently died of a stroke.

The Liverpool Echo has now reported that one early design for the sculpture sees Black set against the backdrop of a working jukebox, designed by sculptor Laura Lian. See below.

Marc Silver of London media group Square Rock, who back the project, has said: “We are delighted that the family appear to approve a statue for Cilla. We hope that the statue can be a way for the family and the community of Liverpool as well as the entire nation can remember her by, and if Laura is chose to be the commissioned artist, even better.”

“Together with the artist, we are passionate about the possibility to create a permanent tribute and preserve the heritage of Liverpool’s very own Cilla Black. We are confident that Laura Lian will capture Cilla’s character and bring her to life for this project.”

Liverpool’s Mayor, Joe Anderson says: “Many people will now be thinking of how to best commemorate her, but any memorial in any form will have to be discussed with, and ultimately decided by, her family.”

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