‘Line of Duty’ viewers left in suspense as show teases shock twist for Ted Hastings

WARNING: Features spoilers

Line of Duty viewers have been left in suspense after last night’s episode teased that Ted Hastings might be a bent copper after all.

Last night’s episode saw viewers learning even more about John Corbett (Stephen Graham), after it transpired that he’s an undercover cop working with the Balaclava Gang.

And as the episode drew to a close, viewers were led to believe that he could be the mysterious H. As Corbett abducted Steve Arnott (Martin Compston) at gunpoint, he directly accused Ted of being at the centre of a conspiracy to cover up the murky links between organised crime gangs and high ranking police bosses.

“Everything I’ve said is the God’s honest truth. Or are you just a lap dog for Hastings and the rest of them?,” Corbett boldly told Steve.

The suspicions were only heightened later in the episode as Jane Cafferty (Sian Reese-Williams) was revealed to be corrupt and asked to identify the officer who originally introduced her into the murky world. As she did so, it wasn’t long before the camera pointedly focused on Hastings’ face.