Listen to a new clip from ‘The Alan Partridge Podcast’

"Nothing refreshes like an ice cold glass of milk"

The first snippet from The Alan Partridge Podcast has been shared.

Comedian Steve Coogan’s latest outing as the fictional Norfolk radio DJ, officially titled From The Oasthouse: The Alan Partridge Podcast, will arrive on Audible on September 3.

Before then, fans can listen to a short extract in which Alan recalls recording a voice-over for a milk advert via Empire.


“Like most people, I assumed those who hosted podcasts were pale, tech obsessed social lepers who live with their mums and couldn’t get a platform on any meaningful broadcaster so started spouting their bloated opinions into their USB microphones to flatter their groaning sense of self-importance,” Coogan’s Partridge has said of the foray into podcasting.

“But then I spoke to a man I’d never heard of before from Audible. HE called ME and made me an offer. I countered. He came back. I countered again. In short, we hammered out the details (to my satisfaction) and the result is a series of podcasts. They’ve been described as very good/sensational,” he added.

From The Oasthouse: The Alan Partridge Podcast will feature 18 episodes and give Partridge fans greater insight into the character, in what has been described as “fascinating conversations and richly sound-designed audio vignettes.”

The series is available to pre-order now – free for Audible members – with a scheduled release due for September 3.