Logan Paul went skydiving and his parachute didn’t open


Controversial YouTube star Logan Paul has claimed that he had a brush with death after his parachute failed to open during a recent skydive.

The vlogger, who boasts over 16 million followers on YouTube, shared a photo of the faulty parachute on Twitter and explained how his life was ultimately saved by a second chute.

“Here’s a photo of my empty pack after I had to cut away my main parachute because it didn’t open”, Paul captioned the photo.


“I can tell you – the feeling of the blue reserve parachute opening and functioning properly was miraculous. This has never happened to another student before at this school. LP lives on.”

Responding to the photo, one user wrote: “Exactly why I won’t skydive.”

The close shave comes less than a month after Paul attracted huge controversy during an extremely problematic trip to Japan.

The vlogger was condemned in January after uploading a clip to his YouTube channel that showed him and his friends discovering a dead body in Japan’s Aokigahara Forest, a notorious suicide hotspot.
It later transpired that Paul was responsible for consistent inappropriate behaviour throughout the trip, including thrusting dead fish in people’s faces and running through the streets dressed as a Pokemon.

The resulting fall-out from the trip prompted YouTube to issue an apology, condemning Paul’s actions and clarifying that they had “acted accordingly”, before removing him from major advertising campaigns.