Loki confirmed as gender-fluid in new Marvel teaser clip

It confirms the comics' description that was first established in 2014

Disney+ has confirmed that Loki is gender-fluid in the forthcoming Marvel series.

In a new teaser clip shared by the show’s account on Sunday (June 6), an image of Loki’s file at the Time Variance Authority, where Owen Wilson’s Agent Mobius works, lists “FLUID” next to the sex category.

This marks the first time that Loki’s gender identity has been confirmed in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. It had already been confirmed in the Marvel Comics in 2014.


Odin referred to Loki as “my son and my daughter, and my child who is both” in Original Sin #5.5.

Meanwhile, the first social media reviews of the show were shared yesterday (June 7) with many calling the show Tom Hiddleston’s “best performance to date”.

Brad R Lambert of Complex described Loki on Twitter as “an absolute blast”.

“Tom Hiddleston is back as the God of Mischief and gives his best performance to date,” he wrote.


Collider senior reporter Christina Radish tweeted her praise: “It’s as fun, funny, odd and twisted as I’d hope and expect from the God of Mischief!”

Brandon Davis of ComicBook.com also praised how the series has contributed to the broader fabric of the MCU.

Loki brings so much to MCU lore” he wrote on Twitter. “There are references to the past films and stories to Marvel but also really exciting, subtle additions to the sandbox as a whole.”

The first episode of Loki will air on Disney+ tomorrow (June 9), with new episodes set to follow weekly.

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