Louis CK criticised for jokes about child molestation and racism on ‘SNL’ – watch

The comedian also compared Israeli-Palestinian conflict to his two children fighting

Comedian Louis CK has come under fire for jokes he made on the season finale of US comedy show Saturday Night Live.

During the show’s opening segment, CK delivered an eight-minute monologue which included jokes about “mild” racism and the rationale behind child molestation. The comedian also compared the Israeli-Palestinian conflict to his two children fighting.

One Twitter user took offence to CK’s topics of choice, writing “I get it comedy is meant to be edgy. I just don’t find jokes about child molestation funny”, with another adding “By my count Louis CK is up to about 3 expected apologies already tomorrow.”

However, some viewers were more complimentary about CK’s performance. One tweeter said “Louis CK is on SNL doing what he does best; making you laugh & then immediately think “I am definitely going to hell now””, with another writing “Louis CK’s #SNL monologue was… a thing. Wow. Brave. Very funny.”

Watch Louis CK’s SNL opening monologue in full below.


Arctic Monkeys frontman Alex Turner previously cited Louis CK as one of his favourite stand-ups, telling NME that he sees a link between CK’s comedy writing and his own lyricism.

“There’s a definite rock’n’roll thing to that world,” Turner explained. “There’s this thing where Louis CK is talking about George Carlin, who’s this famous American comedian who used to completely tear up his act at the end of every year and throw it out and write a whole new act. And in doing that you eventually run out of things to talk about. So you start looking inside to whatever darkness may lay there. And that’s where you end up going. I think there’s a weird symmetry with that and songwriting. Or at least there is for me.”