Louis Theroux reunites with recovering alcoholic from drinking documentary

Joe Walker from 'Drinking To Oblivion' is now eight months sober

Louis Theroux has shared a picture of himself with Joe Walker, one of the people battling alcoholism he interviewed for his BBC Two documentary ‘Drinking To Oblivion’.

Walker, 32, who now lives in Brighton, was told during the documentary that his alcoholism would kill him if he did not stop drinking. Viewers watched him attempt to kick his life-threatening habit before he sadly relapsed. At the end of the documentary, which aired in April, he is seen trying to give up again.

Theroux confirmed on Twitter yesterday (June 14) that Walker has now been sober for eight months. “Congrats dude!” he wrote.

Asked how he succeeds in encouraging his interviewees to open up, Theroux told NME earlier this year: “I just have an instinct of how to do interviews. It wasn’t consciously planned; I wanted to get along with people, while also satisfying my natural curiosity.”

“People talk about me as though I was playing a character in my late ’90s programmes [such as Weird Weekends], but what comes through to me is a sort of authenticity,” he added. The people I meet may see that I’m occasionally being a bit cheeky, but underneath they recognise there’s something real there.”