‘Love Island’ criticised by The House of Lords

The members of Parliament's upper house debated whether the show glamorised smoking yesterday (October 11)

Love Island has been criticised in The House of Lords for its apparent glamorisation of smoking.

The popular ITV dating show, which concluded its latest season back in July, attracted its biggest-ever TV audience earlier this year – including some very famous fans.

However, the show’s depiction of its contestants smoking has incurred the wrath of the Lords, with one Lord bringing up the show during a debate yesterday (October 11).

“I don’t know if [the minister] is a regular watcher of Love Island, but if he were to look at the ITV website, it describes Love Island as ‘an emotional feast of lust and passion in the sun’,” the Lord began.

Dom from Love Island

Dom from Love Island

“The same website says that this programme captures a 56% percent share of the 16-24-year-olds,” he continues. “On this programme, those contestants are regularly smoking. What message does that send to young people?

“‘That I can live a glamorous life if I smoke as well’? And I’m surprised that Ofcom’s broadcasting code says that smoking must not be glamorised in programmes likely to be seen widely, or heard by under 18-year-olds, unless there is editorial justification.”

The Lord then asks if OFCOM should take action on smoking, to which the Minister responds: “I’m not a regular watcher of Love Island, but I can’t help noticing that the house is unusually full today.”

Earlier this month, Love Island contestants Chris and Kem shared their single ‘Little Bit Leave It’ – which had landed the duo in hot water after Lethal Bizzle pulled them up on the use of his phrase “leave it”.