‘Love, Simon’ spinoff series pulled from Disney+ due to “more adult themes”

Love, Victor will be airing on Hulu instead

The spinoff series for 2018 gay romance film Love, Simon has been moved across streaming platforms from Disney+ to Hulu.

Love, Victor will focus on Victor, a new student attending the same high school Simon (played by Nick Robinson in the 2018 film) went to, Creekwood High School.

The 10-episode series will explore Victor’s journey of self-discovery, adapting to a new city and his sexuality.


Although the series was developed and produced for Disney+, Disney’s relatively fresh streaming platform deemed Love, Victor to stray to far from the brand’s “family-focused” direction, featuring “more adult themes than it was comfortable [with],” according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Like the 2018 film, the upcoming series feature themes and topics including alcohol, marital issues and sexual exploration.

Love, Victor also follows in the footsteps of the TV adaptation of High Fidelity, starring Zoë Kravitz. The show was originally commissioned by Disney+ and moved onto Hulu, where it started streaming on Valentine’s Day in the US.

Its predecessor, Love, Simon, which focused on the high school experience and coming out process of the eponymous Simon, earned positive reviews upon release.

NME’s Nick Levine gave the film four stars, saying, “Love, Simon isn’t just a more woke, more inclusive kind of teen flick; it’s also a very funny, very touching teen flick that could help to revitalise the genre as Clueless did in the ’90s.”