‘Lucifer’ is the most watched streaming show in the US

The first half of season five has been a big hit in the States

Lucifer is the most-watched show across all streaming platforms in the US, new data has shown.

The Netflix show, which stars Tom Ellis in the titular role, recently returned for the first half of its fifth season.

According to data gathered by Nielsen, the programme was watched more than any other in the States on Netflix, Amazon Prime, Disney+ and Hulu in the period between August 17 and 23.


The figures show that Lucifer was streamed for 1,591 minutes during that week – 343 minutes ahead of the second most-watched series. In second place was animated series The Legend Of Korra with 1,248 minutes, while The Umbrella Academy was third with 1,088 minutes.

The top 10 was made up entirely of shows available on Netflix, including The Office, Shameless, Greys Anatomy, Project Power, Criminal Minds, NCIS and Teenage Bounty Hunters.

Ahead of its release in August, NME reviewed the first half of Lucifer season five, awarding it two stars. “Lucifer makes an unconvincing attempt to be a cop show but the homicide cases are the bread of the sandwich, not the bacon, so the writers can’t help making the murders almost unbelievably cartoonish, using them either to offer shock value or comic relief,” the review read.

“The show’s unwavering structure – Lucifer uses said cases to work through his personal issues – means that the pattern soon becomes easy to spot, and surprises are hard to come by.”


The second half of season five is expected to arrive next year and will feature a special musical episode. The show will conclude with a sixth and final season, which will run to 10 episodes.