‘Lucifer’ resumes production on season five finale

Will it top the TV streaming charts in the US again?

Filming has resumed for the season five finale of Lucifer.

The supernatural Netflix series halted production in March as a result of the coronavirus pandemic. Although filming had wrapped for all the episodes in the second half of the show’s fifth season, the production team hadn’t managed to complete the finale in time.

Fans have waited patiently for the second half of season five to air along with the closing episode. Now, crews and cast are safely back on set to deliver on their promises. Aimee Garcia, who plays LAPD forensic scientist Ella Lopez in the programme, took to Instagram recently to document the call-back, in turn confirming that production had resumed.


An Instagram stories clip shows Garcia’s castmembers, Rachael Harris and DB Woodside, approaching the Warner Bros lot armed with their six-foot distance-keeping sticks [via Digital Spy].

Additionally, last month Kevin Alejandro (who portrays detective Dan Espinoza) revealed that the season five finale had some plot points rewritten to account for Netflix’s unexpected commissioning of a sixth season.

“All of us went into it, and continued throughout the journey, up until the episode before the last one, thinking this was our series finale. That this [season five] was the show finale,” the actor told MSN.

Lucifer season 5
Tom Ellis returns as Lucifer Morningstar in ‘Lucifer’ season five. Credit: Netfix

Earlier this month data firm Nielsen reported that the first half of Lucifer season five was the most-watched show across all streaming platforms in the US.

Alejandro continued: “You can tell, I think… through the scripts and through the episodes that they didn’t hold anything back, they were just pushing forward. Everyone was under that impression, until Netflix changed their minds,” he laughed. “So it sort of threw us all for a loop!”


He added: “Obviously we’re all super, super excited, just surprised. As a result, the team have had to make some tweaks to the season five finale, in order for us to get the ultimate season five possible.”

Lucifer season four and the first part of season five are available to watch now on Netflix. Seasons one to three are available via Amazon Prime Video.

The show will conclude with a sixth and final season, which will run to 10 episodes.