Lucy Liu and Jonny Lee Miller to star in ‘Sherlock’ reboot

'Charlie's Angels' star will play the first-ever female Watson

American station CBS has cast Kill Bill actress Lucy Liu in the pilot for Elementary, a new show described a modern-day version of Sherlock Holmes.

Set to take place in New York, the project will be written by Medium scriptwriter Rob Doherty and produced by Sarah Timberman (Justified).

Liu will play the character of Watson, with Jonny Lee Miller taking on the role of Sherlock Holmes. Liu is to be the first-ever woman to play role of Watson.

However, the producer of BBC’s Sherlock, Sue Vertue, is wary of an overlap between the two productions. Speaking to the Independent she noted: ”We have been in touch with CBS and informed them that we will be looking at their finished pilot very closely for any infringement of our rights.”

CBS responded, stating. ”Our project is a contemporary take on Sherlock Homes that will be based on Holmes, Watson and other characters in the public domain, as well as original characters… we will not infringe on any stories or works that may still be protected.”

If commissioned, Elementary will be part of CBS’s Autumn 2012 schedule.